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Colors stains


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Wood stains are used to improve wood appearance, emphasizing its grain and pores, levelling shades and reducing color modification over time. The range includes a complete selection of water and solvent-based stains in an infinite number of colors and shades.
Water and/or solvent-based stains for industrial use, for spray, brush roller and automatic system application. Ilva stains offers exquisite transparency and color brilliance on furniture and furnishings.
Water-based stains
Water-based stains for flow-coating immersion, spray or brush application, where good transparency is needed on swash turned solid wood items, without solvents.

Dyes for roller application
Solvent-based stains for industrial use, suitable for refinishing various wood species, through specific roller applications. Different levels of transparency can be achieved according to the method of application.  These stains can be mixed with clear base coats PF5 range.

Antiquing glazes
Solvent-based stains intended for spray application followed by the removal of excess material. For period furniture, according to the desired style.
Concentrated colorings
Concentrated solvent-based stains, to be added to base and top coats (both nitrocellulose and polyurethane).  They can be added in small quantities directly to the products before use, in order to maintain the original aspects of the wooden items, while bestowing a light shadowing on them.

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